Ted Talking Tuesday

Hello, my name is Christine and I am a Teddict…

Here’s one of my favorites.  Not only do I love Ron Finley’s message of spreading beauty and sustainability around urban areas, but he is also an accessible guy that extends an energy of community and action.  Only 211 of the 1250 Ted talkers have ever left a reply to their listeners on the ted website.  Of those 211, their average amount of replies is 19.  At the last count, Ron Finely has left 178 replies to his supporters.   This article explains that and lists what the author believes to be Ron’s top 10 comments.

See you in the garden.


Saving the Best for Last

DSCN0976Lady PurrlDSCN0985DSCN0977DSCN0972

In this last post for Colors of Spring I am sharing the pink flowers of downtown.  The first is a pink magnolia, then there is Lady Purrl trying to fit in and stay warm for the nights that are still cool, and lastly the majestic flowering willows that line the streets here.

It is better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money!

But spend it well.

In the course of planning our honeymoon, I’ve picked up a few strategies for purchasing airfare that I think are worth sharing.  For example, the great and powerful Google has a seemingly unbiased airfare comparison tool.  It is user friendly and the best part is the “lowest fares” bar graph that shows its face after you type in the trip information.  You can get to it by clicking on the bar graph icon on the right, underneath the date information.  It shows the lowest fares for flexible dates and flexible trip length for all airlines.  Anyone who cares about prices cares about this bar graph icon.

I’ve also discovered price alerts.  I know I am a little behind in the ages with this one, but in case you are too, you can give many outside travel agencies (Airfare Watchdog, Priceline,  Kayak, Yapta, etc) your email and trip information.  Go about your business and let them do the searching for you.  When they find a good deal they send it to you.  I would also suggest double checking with the actual website to see if the price is available there.  This can help with avoiding cancellation or change fees.

I haven’t purchased our tickets quite yet.  We are hoping for Ireland and Scotland in August so please leave me a comment if you know of any better tips for purchasing tickets.  That goes for tips and ideas for things to do once we are over there too, please let me know.

I part with beautiful photos and an Irish blessing.

Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold pint– and another one!



Colors of Spring

Peach TreeWhite PearlDSCN1015

I took a stroll downtown to capture as many of spring’s fleeting flowers as I could.  The first photo is a white peach tree and the third is tulips.  Also, a photo of Purrl, because she is cute.