Who disturbs my reading?

Colors of Spring IV

So I creepShhhCreeping Phlox

A lot of creeping phlox, a little Austen.  All photos on this blog so far have been taken by me in downtown Hendersonville, NC.


What is black, white, and red all over?

Third segment for Colors of Spring.

More flowers and kittens for spring!  Red tulips in the Victorian language of flowers means perfect love.  Red blankets in the language of kittens means purrrfect love. (Sorry for the pun,  I just can’t help myself…)  

Colors of Spring

Peach TreeWhite PearlDSCN1015

I took a stroll downtown to capture as many of spring’s fleeting flowers as I could.  The first photo is a white peach tree and the third is tulips.  Also, a photo of Purrl, because she is cute.