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Ted Talking Tuesday

Hello, my name is Christine and I am a Teddict…

Here’s one of my favorites.  Not only do I love Ron Finley’s message of spreading beauty and sustainability around urban areas, but he is also an accessible guy that extends an energy of community and action.  Only 211 of the 1250 Ted talkers have ever left a reply to their listeners on the ted website.  Of those 211, their average amount of replies is 19.  At the last count, Ron Finely has left 178 replies to his supporters.   This article explains that and lists what the author believes to be Ron’s top 10 comments.

See you in the garden.


2 thoughts on “Ted Talking Tuesday

  1. Through out my life my garden, growing my own food, beatifying the world around me, and sharing what I have learned and grown with others, has brought my happiness and joy. It is one of the greatest gifts my mother ever bestowed to me. She pasted her love of gardening to me as her mother pasted it on to her. I have longed for a way to pass this on and continue the legacy of producing your own food, sharing a flower you grown, getting your hands and knees dirty and inviting friends family and strangers to do the same. Ron, you have inspired be and shown me what I have to do, what I have been looking to do, to find away to remember my mother and share with others her greatest gift—a love of good dirt, good seeds, beautiful plants and great food. Thank you good sir, you are in inspiration and a beautiful soul, God bless you and happy garden.

    Richard A Reichle, Charlotte NC

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